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The Gilmer Cartecay Youth Mountain Bike Team (Team Cartecay) is a 501(c)(3) youth development program that focuses on building character through cross county mountain biking. We like to say we’re building character in our youth, one pedal stroke at a time.

Our mountain biking team is comprised of private, public and homeschool student-athletes in grades 6-12 from Gilmer, Murray, Pickens and regions of Fannin counties. Athletes who choose to race compete in the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League Race Series, an affiliate league of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).

Team Cartecay held its first practice in July of 2017 with four student athletes. By the end of that first season, 17 registered racers competed, representing experience and skill levels ranging from seasoned athlete to absolute beginner. By 2019 Team Cartecay grew to 35 student-athletes along with 22 volunteer, certified ride leaders and coaches. The team grew so large, Team Cartecay had to divide into two separate race squads: Cartecay Composite and Gilmer High School.

Team Cartecay has Adventure and Performance team options. Everyone is welcome on the team and encouraged (but not required) to participate in the five league races as a Performance rider. Athletes who choose to join the team as Adventure riders will experience all aspects of the team experience, including challenging practices and skills development…they simply will not race on the race weekends. Many of our athletes who start as Adventure riders end up choosing to race once they see the fun of race weekends!


Team Cartecay welcomes you!

Our team goals are simple: have fun, ride and race safely, and honor the intrinsic value of every rider. Team Cartecay coaches focus squarely on creating a team culture that is welcoming, safe, and fun. We aim to teach riders that mountain biking is a life-long activity with great health benefits. Athletes also develop a connection to the outdoors that happens in the context of families and friends. Very few youth sports have parents riding alongside the student athletes! Although students learn skills and gain fitness, Team Cartecay coaches are most focused on teaching students how to respect each other, themselves, the volunteer coaches, their equipment, the environment, their trails and their communities…a comprehensive youth development approach.

Our athletes learn skills like changing flats and how and why to carry appropriate gear and tools. We emphasize teamwork and creating stronger and more confident student-athletes both on and off the bike. This is a unique high school and middle school team environment. There are no cuts; everyone rides and contributes to the team no matter his or her ability level.

And we would love to share this opportunity with you.



Thank you to our sponsors, without their support we would not exist.

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2020 Pre-Season

If Georgia continues to lower COVID restrictions without issue, we anticipate opening up regular season practices on July 1. Check our Facebook page for any preseason activities to occur before July 1st.


Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 5:15-7:15pm beginning July 13. Locations rotate between 3-4 local trails.

Optional Saturday Adventure Rides times and locations varying.

Cost Breakdown

*Due to excellent fundraising by Team Cartecay kids and parents, the Team Fees for 2020 have been reduced from $125 to $25

$25 annual team fee includes:

  • Team Jersey
  • Team Racing Shorts
  • Team Helmet
  • Team T-shirt
  • 3 weekly coaching sessions beginning July 13
  • Race Nutrition for student athletes on race days

$175 League fee, paid online directly to the Georgia League.

$150 Race fee for High School students for 5 races

$125 Race fee for Middle School Students for 5 races

Students who are not sure if they will race, or do not want to race, may pay only the Team Fee and League Registration fee. Those riders that choose to race may pay the Race Series Fee up until the September 20th deadline.

Registration: Opens April 1, 2020. Online registration will be available after you request to join the team and receive your registration invite via email.


Fees: Scholarships to help offset fees are available through Team Cartecay as resources allow and are always connected to volunteer payback opportunities. The Team follows a “hand up” rather than a “hand out” approach. The Georgia League also offers student scholarships to help offset League and Race Fees.

Loaner Bikes: Team Cartecay does periodically receive bicycles that are available to team members who agree to fully participate in the Team Cartecay season.

The Georgia League also has an excellent Loaner Bike program that has specific requirements and expectations of the student athlete.

Teen Trail Corps

In January 2020, Team Cartecay launched Team Cartecay Teen Trail Corps (TTC). TTC focuses on teaching trail stewardship, respect, and advocacy.

The Teen Trail Corps advocacy framework is built around the four NICA badges developed to help student-athletes connect with local community efforts. Earning all of the following badges will boost Teen Trail Corps members to a level of excellence known as a “Teen Trail Corps Captain”. Trail Captains will be eligible for recognition at the NICA Annual Teen Trail Corps Awards as well as a variety of benefits dependent on league participation.


Middle School - Sat, Sep 12 High School - Sun, Sep 13 Acworth, GA
Middle School - Sat, Sep 26 High School - Sun, Sep 27 Rome, GA
Middle School - Sat, Oct 10 High School - Sun, Oct 11 Jackson, GA
Middle School - Sat, Oct 24 High School - Sun, Oct 25 Watkinsville, GA
Middle School - Sat, Nov 07 High School - Sun, Nov 08 Milledgeville, GA


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As a team sponsor of the Gilmer Cartecay Youth Mountain Bike Team, you will be supporting youth development and each student-athlete’s ability to develop strong body, strong mind and strong character through mountain-biking. You will help Team Cartecay coaches promote mountain biking to youth as a healthy and fun team sport they can enjoy far beyond their high school years regardless of their ability.

$250 Friends of Team Cartecay

  • Your business or organization logo will be displayed in small size format on our team banner and Pit Zone signs at all races and events.
  • Your logo will be displayed in small format on the team website.
  • Recognition will be given on the team’s Facebook page.
  • Team Photo at the end of the season.

$500 Supporting Sponsor

  • Includes all the same benefits as a Friends Sponsor.
  • Plus…Your business or organization will be included in small format on the team t-shirt.
  • Your logo will be displayed in medium size format.
  • A link will be included for your business on the team website.

$1000 Title Sponsor

  • Includes all the same benefits as a Supporting Sponsor.
  • Your logo will be displayed in large size format.
  • A short description in addition to link for your business will be included on the website.

All sponsorships are one-year sponsorships from April 1st to December 31st. Sponsors are responsible for supplying the artwork for the website & banners in a hi-resolution.

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